$20,000 – $250,000


No Upfront Fees


No Application Fees


One Time Success Fee


We will notify you via email and or phone within 24 to 48 hours regarding our evaluation of your credit file and prequalification application.


We provide quotes based off our experience. All we need for a quote is a 3-bureau credit report. We accept or reports. Quotes are provided within 48 hours.


Real Estate Investors, Business Owners, Start-Ups, Inventors, all need working capital. Get paid for your referrals!

There is NO Fee to sign up!

Unsecured / No Income Documentation Funding Program

We offer a personal funding program that can be delivered as early as 10 days. This isn’t your normal apply for credit and get a few thousand dollars; we are talking about $20,000 to $250,000 in credit lines that are secured by absolutely nothing but your personal credit.

Program Highlights

No need to give up a percentage of your business or profits to a credit partner or lender.

Funds are completely unsecured.

No securing with a house or a car. Make purchases without risk of repossession.

Lines are approved off Personal credit ONLY.

No business credit or real estate value required.

No term or payoff due date on revolving lines.

Make the minimum payments for as long as you need.

Funds may be used for anything!

We can fund a client with a 680 credit score – lower if there is military affiliation.

No income documentation is required.

That’s right, all stated income. No Paystubs, Tax Returns, Bank Statements, etc.

Low monthly payments.

Typically, 2% of the total balance. Example: $100,000 balance = $2,000 per month.

Many banks offer 0% APR for 12-18 months.

The Funding Company has built an unparalleled reputation for knowledge and the bank relationships we have that make accumulative funding possible.

Don’t Take Our Word For It. Here’s what our clients have to say!

I contacted The Funding Company after being turned down by mortgage and private money lenders. They helped me obtain the $85,000 I needed to purchase a killer investment property. All within 10 days.
- Daniel Benson

I was able to save my business by obtaining $125,000 in funding. I didn’t even have to secure it against my equipment
- Ben Detmire

We received our first $25,000 in the first 4 days. That allowed us to invest in a project that earned us a return of three times the investment. Thank you TFC!
- Susan Larkin

Military and Families Program

All we need is for the person who qualifies to get membership with our military banks.
That will then qualify the client for membership.

Eligibility Requirements /
Who Qualifies for Military Funding?
Call: (888) 978-9998,
Or complete our one page application to get started.

The Funding Company has been in business since 2008. Over this period of time we have helped thousands of clients fulfill their borrowing needs, through our professional expertise.


Why? We know how to analyze your entire credit profile and apply with the correct lending institutions whose lending criteria matches your specific credit. This plan avoids costly mistakes, lower approval limits, higher interest rates, and unnecessary inquiries.